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Kate V Robertson works in print, sculpture and installation, with a focus on materials and processes. She selects materials based on their associative connotations, often employing strategies of minimalism, Surrealism and conceptual art. Representational systems of technology, advertising and print media are all explored and tested by the materiality of Robertson’s work and the dysfunctional nature of her objects.

Her installations often play with tension and illusion – solid objects may appear yielding, or a rippling wall or cracked floor may suggest a collapse of ordinary systems and structures. The themes of failure and obsolescence are recurrent in her practice, even becoming intrinsic to her working processes. Bodies of work often become a conversation between specific and directly expressed concepts, and the fruits of accidents or experiments.



2020 Post, Patricia Fleming, Glasgow

2019 Terminal, Govan Project Space, Glasgow

2018 Divided and Yet Mutual, Patricia Fleming, Glasgow

2017 This Mess is Kept Afloat, DCA, Dundee


2017 Object(hood), TRG3, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh                                                       

2016 Semper Vigilantes, OBJECT / A, Manchester


2016 Semper Solum, Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, Glasgow


2016 Adaptive Expectations, Figure Three, BALTIC 39, Newcastle                                      


2014 In Progress, Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow                                                           

2013 Paper Works + other 2D sculptures, Glasgow Project Room


2012 Kilian Rüthemann & Kate V Robertson, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow                        


2011 Plaza, Rez de Chaussee, Glasgow


2010 Tomorrows Another Day, Market Gallery, Glasgow


2010 To Be Continued…Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops


2010 Pieces, Feinkost, Berlin


2010 What Structures, Intermedia Gallery, Glasgow



2016 It Happened in Üzümlü, Golden Rule, Liverpool


2015 JHB Archive, Birmingham Open Media


2015 Finite Project Altered When Open, David Dale Gallery                                                   

2014 Reclaimed: the Second Life of Sculpture, The Briggait, for Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (curator/designer)                                                                                      


2014 Art Lending Library, UK Tour


2014 Converse, Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme public art commission, various locations


2013 41 Meter Fluchtweg, Schaumbad, Graz, Austria


2013 Walls Work, Embassy Gallery Offsite Project, Edinburgh


2012 Paper, Musée d’Art Moderne et Art Contemporain, Nice, France


2012 Rough Mix, with Magnetic North, interdisciplinary workshop


2012 Nothing About Us Without Us is For Us: riverside public art project


2012 HAUNT anonymous performance series, Glasgow                   

2011 Vault Art Glasgow, the Briggait, Glasgow


2011 Industrial Aesthetics: Environmental Influences on Recent Art from Scotland, Hunter College Times Sq Gallery, New York


2010 All Insignificant Things Must Disappear, Trinity Church, NYC


2010 During Office Hours, Feinkost hosted by VGF, Berlin


2010 Rubble Stir, The Glue Factory, Glasgow


2010 Breaking Windows, Feinkost, Berlin


2009 Running Time, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh 2009 Vantage, Bloomfield College, New Jersey


2009 Set it Up and Go, Artnews Projects, Berlin


2009 MFA Degree Show, Tramway, Glasgow


2009 Shortlisted for ‘Artists Taking the Lead’ commission, London 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Scotland 2009 Les Urbaines Festival [with The Cause of Inflation Damage Limitation Orchestra], Lausanne


2009 Notices, Edinburgh Art Festival


2009 Plateaux Festival [with The Cause of Inflation Damage Limitation Orchestra] Frankfurt


2008 Times Square Billboards, New York                                                                                   

2008 Election Tree [performance on election day] New York



2022 Michelin Legacy Sculpture, Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, Dundee

2021 Rainbow Pavilion, Strathclyde Country Park

2020 Fenestration, Balustrade and Plant Screen commission, Barclays Campus, Glasgow

2019 Restore, Brno Biennale, Brno, Czech Republic

2014 converse, Glasgow XX Commonwealth Games Cultural Programme public art  commission, various locations

2013 Walls Work, Embassy Gallery Offsite Project, Edinburgh

2009 Shortlisted for ‘Artists Taking the Lead’ commission, London

2012  Cultural Olympiad, Scotland




2017 Creative Scotland Open Project Award                                                                              

2017 Pollock Krasner Foundation Award                                                                                    

2017 Interdisciplinary Residency Hospitalfield, Arbroath                                                     

2016 Creative Scotland Open Project Award


2015 Hope Scott Trust Visual Artists Award


2015 SPACE/TIME Residency at Cove Park


2015 ESP Summer Residency, Eastside Projects, Birmingham


2014 Creative Scotland 20for14 Award


2013 Glasgow Life Visual Artists Award


2013 Creative Scotland Professional Development Award


2012 Chateau de Sacy, France


2011 Creative Lab Residency, Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow


2009 Plateaux Festival of Live Art, Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, Frankfurt [with The Cause of Inflation Damage Limitation Orchestra]





2018 Art Monthly, review of This Mess is Kept Afloat by Tom Emery                                


2018 The Scotsman, review of This Mess is Kept Afloat by Susan Mansfield


2018 The Skinny, review of This Mess is Kept Afloat by Colm Pearce                                


2016 Art Monthly, Glasgow International review, Martin Holman, issue 396                    


2016 A-N artist newsletter, Glasgow International review, Chris Sharratt                          


2016 The Scotsman, Glasgow International review, Moira Jeffrey                                    


2013 Måg Magazine by NABROAD, issue 12                                                                            

2012 Frieze Magazine, review by Chris Sharratt, issue 149                                                    

2012 Art Review, feature by Oliver Basciano, issue 60                                                             

2011 The Skinny, ‘Weird Silence’ by Alex Hetherington                                                          

2009 The Herald, ‘Artists Taking the Lead’ Sunday Herald                                                  

2009 ‘The Art of Being Invisible’, Sarah Urwin Jones

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