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Amanda Seibæk is a painter and printmaker whose practice centres on themes inspired by scientific explanations of natural phenomena. She uses this as a tool to describe turmoil in contemporary life though a more poetic lens. This theme can be used as a force to ask questions, to stretch facts into fiction, and to visualize inner emotions. Seibæk is inspired by Maggie Nelsons autotheorical works, connecting multiple fields of knowledge, never deeming any irrelevant for her explorations.

Materially, Seibæk connects the mediums of painting and print. She sees colours in layers and with colours she shapes her figures. When connecting print and paint she tries to develop a language where print is not locked, but rather freed by the brush as a playful tool to make sense of something intuitive. Her images exist in 3 mediums; digital, paint and print. The mediums inspire each other. The screen’s reflectiveness inspires the choice of canvas and the layers in print. The imprint of the prints on the canvas orchestrates the compositions on the final painting which Seibæk conducts with her brush. Through this material investigation, she analyses the close relationship between emotion and motion to create images which provoke a response in the spectators.

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