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Jane Topping

Art-O-Rama, Immaterial Salon

19 Aug - 2 Oct 2022


For Art-O-Rama 2022, curator Francesca Zappia presents The Hypnotised Machine, a text about Jane Topping’s project, featured on the fair’s Immaterial Salon. Topping’s work, is an ongoing project developed and presented as an online platform that continuously generates new artwork via a simple randomising code and a click of a finger on the mouse. Different narratives are created by drawing from multiple sources and found material that are ‘fed’ into the system by the artist, as a way of replicating the fractured senses and the loop of the hypnotised mind. 


The project is also the web continuation of the publication Peter & nou, produced by Topping and Good Press. The publication contains elements from Topping’s films Peter, 2014 and nou, 2018.


‘​​Constantly evolving, never the same twice (though technically, it could be the same twice, it’s just highly unlikely), frustrating, annoying and verging on the incomprehensible‘s domain name refers to a specific moment in time and space; a narrative used by a dentist to hypnotise a child, looping over and over and over…’ - Jane Topping

On this occasion, we bring together selected works on paper by Jane Topping as well as links to the Peter & nou publication and films Peter, 2014 and nou, 2018.


Jane Topping is a Scottish artist and academic, currently Lecturer on the MLitt Fine Art Practice programme at Glasgow School of Art and formally Associate Professor of Fine Art at the University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts. Her post-net interdisciplinary practice draws from subjects including sci-fi, feminism, the archive, the screen and the life and works of writers, including Naomi Mitchison. Topping’s video, Peter, won Best PKD Short at The Fifth Annual Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival, New York, 2017.

Francesca Zappia, Immaterial Salon‘s guest curator, is an independent curator based in Glasgow. Her research focuses on the transmission of memory and the fabrication of new knowledge. Central to her practice is the online platform focuses on the Internet as a place of memory and a new system of knowledge, while putting in place collaborative practices inspired by open source. Focusing on the “spatialisation of research”, its work is materialised in the use of different formats: exhibitions, publications, online platforms, discursive forms.

The Immaterial Salon is an online platform dedicated to artworks adapted to digital format. It is a virtual extension of the physical salon, presenting works that can be experienced on any digital medium, as well as in a physical space.


Jane Topping, Peter, 2014, 30 mins


Jane Topping, nou, 2018, 18 mins


Jane Topping, Peter & nou, 2018

Publication co-published with Good Press

Jane Topping Well, What would YOU do_.jpg

Jane Topping, Well, What would YOU do?, 2009 

Screen print, 100 x 70cm, Edition of 3


Jane Topping, Dirty Screen Ladybug, 2016

C-type print, 40 x 70 cm

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