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24 & 25 June 2023 / Art Car Boot Sale

ART CAR BOOT SALE 24 & 25 June SWG3, Glasgow G3 8QG

Sat 10am - 6pm

Sun 11am - 5pm

Art Car Boot Sale returns this June for its fifth edition. This exciting showcase of contemporary art brought to you by Patricia Fleming Gallery and SWG3, brings together 100+ renowned artists from across Scotland and beyond, transforming the venue’s vast outdoor and indoor spaces into a melting pot of creativity.

Curated by a team of industry professionals, the Art Car Boot Sale is an invitation into Glasgow’s internationally recognised contemporary art sector. Giving visitors a unique opportunity to meet artists in person as they sell their artwork from their studios direct to them from the boots of cars, vans, bikes and the odd skateboard.

With prices ranging from £5 to £5000, art will be on offer from award winning artists and Turner Prize nominees with work in major collections around the world and emerging stars of the future.

The artist line-up for 2023 includes many regulars as well as artists joining for the first time: Claire Barclay, Toby Paterson, Gregor Wright, Tessa Lynch, James Rigler, Sekai Machache, Ashanti Harris, Thomas Cameron, Amanda Seibæk. See the full list of artists below.

To complement the day, visitors will enjoy a delicious selection of food and drinks, served by some of Scotland’s finest street food vendors. Everybody is welcome, with it being child and dog friendly it’s an event for all the family.

The gallery partners with Art Money to support interest free purchases over 10 months available for items £1000 and over.

List of artists for 2023

Sam Ainsley

Alex Allan

Claire Barclay

Christopher Bryant

Roderick Buchanan

Thomas Cameron

Alan Campbell

Christian Noelle Charles

Rob Churm

Michael Clarence

Helen de Main

Veronika Desova

Alan Dimmick

Jacqueline Donachie

Rachel Duckhouse

Réka Ferenc

Louise Gibson

Lyndsey Gilmour

Alistair Gow

Sarah Grant

Mary Griffiths

Ashanti Harris

Emma Hislop

Kenny Inglis

Ariane Jackson Marini

Sarah Kudirka

Chris Leslie

Le Liu

Tessa Lynch

Sekai Machache

John Mackechnie

Duncan Marquiss

Mirella Martinez

Calum Matheson

Patrick McAlindon

David McDiarmid

Jo McGonigal

Eilidh McNair

Dafni Michalaki

Niamh Moloney

Matt Morris

Kevin Morris

Morven Mulgrew

Scott Myles

John Nicol

Janie Nicoll

Stuart Noble

Katie Orton

Kate Owens

Toby Paterson

Jim Ramsay

Thom Rees

Matthew Rich

Daisy Richardson

Baldvin Ringsted

Emily Ritchie

Steven Robertson

Daniele Sambo

Amanda Seibæk

Beth Shapeero

David Sherry

Bronwen Sleigh

Gillian Stewart

Brian Sweeney

Ruth Switalski

Fraser Taylor

Rhona Taylor

Alasdair Wallace

Rhona Warwick Paterson

Tilda Williams-Kelly

Jessica Wolfson

Gregor Wright

Debbie Young

Groups & Galleries


Alex Anderson

Penny Anderson

Abby Corbin

Tom Graystone

Julia Hoogkamer

Russell McGovern

Yena Park

Alice Zonca


Catriona Beckett

Coral Brookes

Hannan Jones

Sooun Kim

Gabrielle Lockwood Estrin

Aga Paulina Młyńczak

Shae Myles

Sofya Tagor

Bart Urbański

Eleni Wittbrodt


Henry Coombes

Alan Hathaway

Merlin James

Fritz Welch

Isabella Widger

Patricia Fleming Gallery

Sara Barker

Christine Borland

Jacqueline Donachie

Ilana Halperin

Kevin Hutcheson

Tessa Lynch

Sekai Machache

Jo McGonigal

Christian Newby

Kate V Robertson

David Sherry

Jane Topping

M.A.R.S. Print Studio

Danny Augustine

Rebecca McCormack

Matthew Rich


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