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5 - 9 Dec 2023 / NADA Miami / Michele Fletcher, Jo McGonigal

For NADA Miami 2023, we are delighted to present works by Michele Fletcher and Jo McGonigal, both artists are pushing the persistence of experimental painting from the UK. Canadian-born artist Michele Fletcher, has had a number of well-received exhibitions in London and internationally including Fredericks & Freiser, New York and Harper’s, East Hampton. Fletcher’s rich and sumptuous oil paintings on linen are informed by the natural world. Relying on visual memory, they capture and exude sensation rather than place: a process-led abstracted rumination on light, colour and form. Her paintings are a rhythmic, gestural and intuitive response to her immediate surroundings. The making of a garden, like the making of a painting involves an intervention with material - pulling, pushing, shaping and composing. A reimagining of our relationship with the natural world, the work is rooted in both the tradition of landscape painting and the language of abstraction.

Accompanying a new suite of paintings by Fletcher, are two suspended neon ‘knots’ by Jo McGonigal. Following our long collaboration with McGonigal, we are making available two neon sculptures; a warm yellow with real gold and a delicate white, found in her elaborate ‘spatial paintings’. McGonigal makes reference to the visual analysis of historical Baroque painting, as a basis for understanding the medium of painting as a complex spatial construction. She uses both found and everyday materials, to examine the formal grammar of pictorial language - the vernacular of painting, where moments of drama, stillness, distance, translucency, edge and colour, co-operate to develop an understanding of painting as a retinal, physical and spatial event. 


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