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2021 / Jacqueline Donachie / Beautiful Sunday / Folkestone Triennial / 22 Jul– 2 Nov

Jacqueline Donachie, Beautiful Sunday, 2021, Folkestone Triennial


Beautiful Sunday

Folkestone Triennial, UK

22 Jul - 2 Nov 2021

For the occasion of Folkestone Triennial, Jacqueline Donachie presents a new commission Beautiful Sunday. After researching the Ship Street Gasworks site in Folkestone, Donachie was inspired by the social club that remained active on the derelict site long after the factories had closed, as well as the coach holidays that have been a mainstay of coastal hotels. Beautiful Sunday is a large sculpture celebrating the dance floors of Folkestone. It incorporates a monumental screen looping Donachie’s new film with the same title. Sunday Morning celebrates ‘The Slosh’, a popular line dance for large groups born in similar social clubs in Glasgow, practiced at Scottish weddings and birthday celebrations across the globe

Jacqueline Donachie, winner of the inaugural Freelands Award, is based in Glasgow. She has forged an international reputation for a socially-engaged art practice that is rooted in an exploration of individual, family and collective identity and the structures, platforms and spaces (both actual and conceptual) through which it is constructed and supported. Her work encompasses sculpture, installations, photographs, films, drawings and performance and is research-based, collaborative and participatory.

Folkestone Triennial 22 July - 2 November 2021. Entitled The Plot, the Triennial invites visitors to consider urban myths and their relation to verifiable realities.


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