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2020 / Anne Colvin: group viewing and in conversation session with the artist

Anne Colvin: When does a second become a moment?

Throughout February and March, Anne Colvin will use the space at Patricia Fleming Gallery as an extension of her online residency When does a second become a moment? Part screening room, part nomadic studio, Colvin will lead individual and small group viewing sessions. These informal, experiential encounters with the artist exist within a non-heirarchical, feminist space which encourages input, conversation, and a meaningful connection with the viewer.

Image credit: Anne Colvin, These are the Four Things I ask of You, 2016, Single-channel video 1:11 mins.

Colvin’s moving image work conjures mystical spaces, intimate reflections and pauses, exploring temporality, memory and place, suspended moments in becoming. When does a second become a moment? explores the concept that everything and nothing can happen in a second; moments are experienced in a relative way, and as such time becomes a mutable material to manipulate and observe. Over her six month residency, from November 2019 to December 2020, Colvin is expanding the proposition When does a second become a moment? by bringing together a series of ephemeral single channel works made over the last three years. Multiple online iterations, or episodes, as well as gallery and off-site encounters slow down the way we consume and relate to time-limited exhibitions. Time is given to meaningful human interaction and offers alternative spaces to encounter the artist’s work.

Colvin is also developing a poetry journal to be published Winter 2020.

Small group viewing sessions with the artist Anne Colvin will take place on Saturdays; 22nd, 28th February and 7th March, 2-4PM

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