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2019 / Sunday Art Fair / Kate V Robertson, Tessa Lynch, Jo McGonigal

Tessa Lynch, ‘Open book, (The Art and The Artist)’, 2019.

Patricia Fleming Gallery is proud to present Kate V Robertson, Tessa Lynch and Jo McGonigal at Sunday Art Fair, 2019.

Kate V Robertson works in print, sculpture and installation. Representational systems of technology, advertising and print media are all explored and tested by the materiality of Robertson's work and the dysfunctional nature of her objects.

Tessa Lynch works predominantly with sculpture, print and performance. Her work is designed to offer feminist readings of the city, highlighting issues of social reproductions that are at odds with contemporary art.

Jo McGonigal is concerned with hybridised forms of painting that have resonance within the phenomenological ambitions of Minimalism. Her practice considered how the compositional and material components of painting affect the experimental basis of the viewer, not what the painting means but what it does.

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