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2019 / Ilana Halperin / Minerals of New York / Hunterian Art Gallery

Ilana Halperin

13 July – 13 October 2019

Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow

Originally from New York, Ilana Halperin studied for her MFA at Glasgow School of Art, and now works between Glasgow and the Isle of Bute. Her research-practice is internationally oriented, with a deep time focus, and explores the relationship between geology and everyday life.

Her latest project takes her back to New York, her childhood home, through a 'mineral biography of the city’, which takes shape across a range of media, including drawings, photographs and objects.‌‌

At the project's heart is a piece of garnetiferous gneiss, excavated from beneath the street that Halperin grew up on - a point of connection between her biography, that of the modern city, and the deep geological time that shaped it.

This work was produced for a recent solo exhibition at Leeds Arts University, and is on view for the first time in Scotland.

For more info see here.

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