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2018 / Kate V Robertson / Divided and Yet Mutual / Patricia Fleming Projects

Kate V Robertson

Sat 24 Nov – Sat 22 Dec 2018

In this new body of work, Robertson uses sculpture and mixed media to explore ideas relating to our use of screens as both metaphorical and literal devices.

For Divided and Yet Mutual Robertson’s work creates distortions and optical illusions to enhance the intimacy of the small gallery space. Robertson asks us to consider our technology-mediated lifestyles and the impact this has on our relationships, hyper-connectivity on one hand and an absence of presence on the other.

Ideas of instability, dysfunction, repetition are central themes in Robertson’s work, particularly in relation to how we read and experience these sensations; physically in our built or natural environment but also conceptually and interpersonally, though our desire to make things work, the inevitability of failure, balancing and undermining our sense of security.

“My interest in screens form the central themes of this exhibition; simultaneously a partition or divider and or an empty space on which to project, express or illuminate. Previously, I have considered this in a public context but for this exhibition I have focussed on the role of the screen in a private domain”

Kate V Robertson

Robertson has produced a new limited edition screen print for the exhibition available in the gallery

or at

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