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2018 / David Sherry / Parallax Something Equals Everything / Patricia Fleming Projects

Parallax Something Equals Everything, Video, 8 mins 30 sec
Parallax Something Equals Everything, Video, 8 mins 30 sec

21 Sep – 20 Oct 2018

Patricia Fleming Projects

Patricia Fleming Projects invites you to view new work by David Sherry.

Parallax Something Equals Everything is a solo exhibition by the performance artist David Sherry. The exhibition provides an insight into the development of James; the central character in Sherry’s new film. James is extremely susceptible to influences within the media, contemporary culture and society in general. In response to his feelings of bombardment and search for answers, he has taken extreme action and embedded equals buttons into his hands and face to process the multitude of answers required for the challenges he encounters day-to-day.

Sherry has developed the exhibition using the creative processes found within his performances; prop making, writing, drawing, film and sound; performing lists and crafted dialogue. Alongside this he is constantly filtering information, including current affairs and political events, on this occasion through the eyes of James. ‘Parallax Something Equals Everything’ is a work of science fiction that deals with real life where the main character attempts to find meaning in a world where life has become increasingly baffling and ridiculous.

The exhibition continues Sherry’s unique form of philosophical research around normality and the every-day. In setting up extreme versions of every-day occurrences, Sherry encourages us to take a moment to reflect on our own attitudes and behaviours also seen in those around us. The results are often humorous, absurd and surreal but provide valuable commentary on real social issues and accepted societal norms. The extreme nature of James’ character mirrors the extreme times in which we are living where definitive answers are likely to elude us.

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