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2014 / Kate V Robertson / In Progress / Patricia Fleming Projects

22 Nov - 20 Dec 2014

In Progress is Kate V Robertson’s first solo exhibition at Patricia Fleming Projects. The title ‘In Progress’ makes reference to technological advancement and creative development but also generally to the evolution of all living things.

The exhibition presents sculpture and drawing to question the notion that something - an artwork specifically – can never be finished or complete - as the creative process is continuously evolving and merely punctuated by exhibitions.

For every new invention, such as 3D printing, there are many failed attempts. Great ideas and technological advancements can help us communicate better and promise to make life easier. Technology itself doesn't make ideas good, being able to communicate easily and constantly doesn’t always help us connect or understand each other.

‘My work focuses on the changing states of materials and the conceptual space between promise, potential and disappointment, I enjoy when one material can look like another, or is far removed from its original purpose. Like cement being cast to look like wax. This is demonstrated in nature by volcanoes and glaciers etc – where all things are ‘in progress’ but at different speeds’

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