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2018 / Kate V Robertson / This Mess is Kept Afloat / Dundee Contemporary Arts

9 Dec 2017 - 25 Feb 2018

In This Mess is Kept Afloat, Kate V Robertson presents a new installation of sculptural works in which the visitor’s attention is brought not only to the walls, but to the floors, ceiling and windows of the expansive Gallery 2, at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

Robertson thoughtfully disrupts the ways in which we engage with sculpture, and deliberately muddies the waters of the pristine white cube gallery, deftly combining ideas of the external and internal to create a conceptually intricate and sensually rich experience for anyone willing to cross the threshold.

Exploring the sculptural and sensory possibilities contained within her materials, the artist invites visitors to experience but also participate in the erosion of elements of the exhibition. Robertson’s repetition of rectangular shapes of different heights draws our attention to the illusions created by her geometric designs. These formal concepts hint at patterns and configurations associated with city spaces, whilst also specifically referencing the flatness and groundlessness of our increasingly screen-based lives.

Robertson is known for creating artwork that references the obsolescence that surrounds much of our contemporary lives.

Rigorously exploring her chosen materials and the ways in which they can change, she revels in the physical characteristics of the objects she creates, testing their structural qualities to their limits and uncovering what lies at their material core. Ideas of instability, dysfunction, waste and decay pervade her work, particularly in relation to how we experience these sensations in urban environments.

This Mess is Kept Afloat was supported by Outset.

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