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2013 / Patrick Jameson / Studio Experiments / Patricia Fleming Projects

7 Dec - 3 Feb 2013 Patrick Jameson’s solo exhibition Studio Experiments launches the new gallery and studio at Patricia Fleming Projects. In Studio Experiments Jameson explores intuitive discovery and invention in art and science. Using found objects the artist re-stages earthly and celestial phenomena ranging from the rotation of the planets to the habits of nocturnal insects. The exhibition features a selection of paintings and photographs created alongside the production of Jameson’s recent film projects. Patrick Jameson is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art MFA. Solo exhibitions include: Eliel and Engel Volume, London, 2010; Glass Museum Studio Warehouse, Glasgow, 2009 and Eliel Sierra Metro, Edinburgh, 2009. Group exhibitions and screenings include: Glasgow International Film Festival, 2010; TorinOver Turin, 2010; Running Time Artists films in Scotland 1960 to Now, Dean Gallery, National Galleries Edinburgh 2006; Becoming Electric Interval 06 Discocate Ginza Art Laboratory, Tokyo 2006 and Landfall AK 28 Stockholm 2005.

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