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2013 / Kevin Hutcheson / Patricia Fleming Projects

6 Sep - 13 Oct 2013

Kevin Hutcheson makes collage based work using text and imagery taken from a range of printed sources. For his solo exhibition at Patricia Fleming Projects he presents a collection of new works that suggest evocative narratives created from fragments of newspaper headlines.

“One piece in the exhibition is entitled ‘Street’ and forms a horizon line created using multiple cuttings of the word ‘Hope’. The work delineates a landscape of signs, and although it describes a very local context (a street next to Central Station), it also promotes a more universal message of hope. For me the work has something to do with looking for, or finding hope. I was also thinking about an Untitled work by Ian Breakwell from 1998 – 1999 that comprises a dense field of cuttings of the word ‘Bored’. I wanted to make a piece that referred to this work though was somehow less formal, and more to do with exploring narrative. My piece attempts to subvert expectations of the punk aesthetic of newspaper cut outs by proposing a positive message rather than presenting only a nihilistic one.”

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