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2014 / Discordia / Generation / Patricia Fleming Projects

DISCORDIA is an exhibition involving twenty-five artists commissioned to create a collection of limited, the selected artists were involved with Patricia Fleming Projects from the early 90's to the present. It was created as part of Generation, a landmark series of exhibitions celebrating 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland, part of the Glasgow 2014 Culture Programme for the XX Commonwealth Games.

DISCORDIA celebrates the ‘DIY’ and ‘lo-fi’ approach to making art and projects instrumental to the rise of artist-led activity in Glasgow. Glasgow’s position as an important centre of contemporary art production has grown from a diverse ‘grass-roots’ artistic community. The selection highlights the contribution made by artists and Patricia Fleming Projects to today’s vibrant contemporary art sector, from the early days of ‘Fuse’; free studios in the 90’s, to key local and international events.

Artists: Raydale Dower, Martin Boyce, Roddy Buchanan, Duncan Campbell, Justin Carter, Jacqueline Donachie, Claire Fontaine, Michael Fullerton, Kenny Hunter, Kevin Hutcheson, Iain Kettles, Jim Lambie, Torsten Lauchmann, Janie Nicoll, Danny Saunders, David Sherry, Ross Sinclair, Calum Stirling, Sue Tompkins, Jane Topping, Walker & Bromwick.​

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