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2010 / Social Landscape / Rennes Biennale - Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art

In September 2008, Patricia Fleming was invited by Larys Frogier, Director of La Criée, Centre d’Art Contemporain in Rennes, to make a proposal launching a new cycle of cooperation with European curators. Social Landscape was the first in this series and aimed to create links between the cultural sectors in Rennes and Glasgow, introducing new work to each city.

Artists: Anne-Marie Copestake, Jocelyn Cottencin, Katy Dove, Steff Norwood, Muscles of Joy, Sophie Macpherson, Damien Marchal in collaboration with (Stuart Brown) and (Sirens of Titan), David Zérah.

Social Landscape takes its direction from the energy of local artists to reveal the meeting points across cultural terrains and between the creative sectors, where ideas and exchange are the common currency.

Through a series of artists’ residencies and events in France and Scotland curated specifically for the context of the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art and the Rennes Biennale 2010, the project highlighted the potential of meaningful cultural exchange locally and at an international level between artists and the public and between art institutions and the society in which the artist operates.

For Glasgow International 2010 Social Landscape was an event held at Stereo. It included a performance by Muscles of Joy, an eight member, all female, all singing, instrument shifting, art into pop group, featuring new animation by Glasgow based artist Katy Dove, created during her residency in Rennes. Visual artists and band members Sophie Macpherson, created a sculptural intervention taking the form of a stage set and Anne-Marie Copestake presented a video featuring Muscles of Joy. Jocelyn Cottencin was commissioned to create a collection of posters playing with words from decade defining tracks. Steff Norwood was commissioned to create his unique take on social sculpture. French sonic artist Damien Marchal performed new work created during a three month residency at Trongate 103 in collaboration with musicians from Glasgow, including innovative choral group Sirens of Titan and The Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra’s and innovative jazz drummer Stuart Brown. David Zérah screened a new film, Artist’s Talk About Their Work, made in Rennes and Glasgow during an experimental online residency for Social Landscape in collaboration with Central Station.

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