Susannah Stark / Time Together (Hues and Intensities) / 12" Vinyl album

Susannah Stark / Time Together (Hues and Intensities) / 12" Vinyl album


12" vinyl album in sleeve

7 tracks


Time together (hues and intensities) is the debut album by Susannah Stark. Susannah has been active as a visual artist for some time and in recent years started working with sound as a central element of her art installation works. At the same time, she began feeling drawn to music and voice as a creative medium.


Coming from a family of musically minded people, from a young age she was exposed to a mix of rock, folk and pop music, fiddle and piano lessons. She later became interested in reggae and dub music, coinciding with meeting and collaborating with musician Donald Hayden during the making of different artworks.


She went on to develop an interest in the different frequencies of voices heard in public spaces, most often in pop music, and in the spatial tensions within different styles of music. She has worked often by sampling and layering vocal clips from tracks produced at the time of the second summer of love in the UK (1988-89), a time which she was too young to remember firsthand but the spirit of which has had a strong influence on her creatively.


Composed between 2017 - 2020, these songs, formed out of vocal improvisation and exploration into different dimensions of softness in relation to the voice - a longstanding interest for the artist - focus on a heightened sensory experience of voice blended with keyboard synths, resonating trumpets, distorted percussion, guitar feedback, samples and field recordings.