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Jo McGonigal’s practice begins with a visual analysis of historical Baroque painting as a basis for understanding the medium as a complex spatial construction. These observations materialise into ‘spatial paintings’ constructed out of physical things in real space, where architectural concerns become complicit with the work. She uses both found and everyday materials, to examine the formal grammar of pictorial language - the vernacular of painting, where moments of drama, stillness, distance, translucency, edge and colour, co-operate to develop an understanding of painting as a retinal, physical and spatial event, activating the body as much as the eye.



2019 Blinder, Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow UK

2018 Act Seven: Paler, Blinder University of Leeds UK

2017 SWG3 Glasgow (Produced in partnership with Patricia Fleming Projects), Glasgow UK

2017 Raumx Projects, London UK

2016 SHIFT, Patricia Fleming Projects, Glasgow

2015 Between Painting and Place, Platform A, Middlesbrough




2019 Fully Awake, Edinburgh University Galleries for Edinburgh Art Festival UK

2018 After an Act, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast

2017 International Biennial of Non-Objective Art, Lyon France

2017 The Solo Award, The Cello Factory, London UK

2017 Eccentric Geometric, Arthouse1, London UK

2016 From A to C; This Being B, Caustic Coastal, Salford UK

2016 Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion, APT Gallery, London

2016 The Marmite Prize for Painting V, Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Ireland

2016 The Marmite Prize for Painting V, Block 336, London

2016 Transparent Things, Vane, Newcastle

2015 Cascading Relevant Information, Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

2015 Gray Face, Perennial, Bristol

2015 Real Painting, Castlefield Gallery, Manchester

2015 Poppositions 2015, Art Brussels (CePRA Award, University of Leeds)

2014 Something Like Now, Cardroom, Manchester

2014 Neo Print Prize, Neo Gallery, Bolton

2014 Society of Island Universes, Manchester (Curated by Lisa Denyer)

2014 Straddle the Line, APT Gallery, London (Curated by Della Gooden and Catherine Ferguson)

2013 Contemporary Art Society Event, Mirabel, Manchester

2013 Summer Show, MALGRAS l NAUDET, Manchester

2013 Some Recent Examples, Lever Street, Manchester

2013 Housing a Pig, Flood Gallery, Dublin

2012 Cabedal, Platforma Revolver, Lisbon

2012 60 Drawings, Bankley Studios, Manchester

2011 We are all in this together, Bureau, Manchester

2011 Untitled, FAFA GALLERY, Helsinki

2010 Uncertain Limitations, Bankley Studios, Manchester

2010 Hive Gallery, Manchester

2009 Kiss of a Lifetime, BEARSPACE, London

2009 Northern Print Biennale VANE, Newcastle

2008 Future 50s PSL [Project Space Leeds] & Ceri Hand Gallery, Liverpool

2008 Economic Thought Projects, Ard Bia Gallery, Berlin (Curated by Russel Hart)




2016 Selected for Marmite Prize for Painting

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